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We offer a vast amount of services you can chosen from. We understand everyone's needs is different so we want to cater to what's perfect for you.

Home Care Services


Personal Assistance/Aging Related needs 

Is your loved one having trouble getting around the house, getting in and out of bed, or going up and down the stairs? We understand everyday task are no longer as simple as they use to be. We understand caring for an aging or ill loved one can quickly turn into a full time occupation. Taking care of your own day to day task along with assisting your loved ones can be a task that causes stress, lack of sleep, or interruption in social life. 72% of seniors have expressed the need for day to day assistance. 62% of family members have expressed being unable to assist their loved ones with day to day task. We know you want be to able to help your loved ones every opportunity you get, but work-life balance can make that very difficult. No need to worry! Cresthaven is here to help with personal assistance/aging. We are able to assist with:


  • Feeding

  • Bathing 

  • Help in and out of bed 

  • Dressing 

  • Assistance to and from the restroom 

  • Medication reminder 

  • Light housekeeping

  • Light exercise

  • Assistance with grocery shopping  


Companionship/Errand Assistance 

You or your loved ones have thought about the idea of going to a nursing home, but only as a last resort.  You are not alone! Many seniors dislike the idea of going to a nursing home. Your loved ones like the freedom of waking up in their own bed or enjoy being able to to see family whenever they want. Being able to be in the privacy of your own home is what most people prefer. You or your loved ones may not need help with some of the major day to day task, but assistance is required. Companionship maybe the best option. Your loved ones may just need someone to help them carry groceries or just handle some task that require a little quickness, or your loved ones may just need someone to play cards and board games with! With Companionship/Errand Assistance we are able to assist with:

  • Assistance with daily living routines

  • Going for daily walks

  • Help to and back from appointments

  • Morning and evening routines  

  • Medication reminder 

  • Light housekeeping 

  • Meals

After Surgical Assistance 

Planned or unplanned nobody enjoys the process after surgery. We know all you have on your mind after your procedure is a speedy recovery. We at Cresthaven want to help you with recovery every step of the way. Making a smooth transition from the hospital back to your home can be a very difficult task. Going from everyday assistance to no help at all can be extremely frustrating and overwhelming. We want to provide you with the best path from the operating room to the comfort of your home. Doctors always highly suggest the best way to have a speedy recovery is plenty of rest. It may be hard to focus on rest with errands around the home needing to be completed. With our companions and caregivers, we will take on the task of everyday tasks while you recover to full mobility. Having in-home care reduces the chances of falling, medication mix up, and dehydration. Studies show those with in-home care reduces their chances of being readmitted by 25%. Most doctors before discharge suggest having a caregiver after surgical operations to help advance the process of a speedy recovery for their patients. We are able to help with:

  • Helping adapt to regular day to day routine  

  • Meal planning and preparation 

  • Light exercises, if recommend by doctor 

  • Light household task 

  • Fall and injury prevention 

  • Assistance with prescription pick up 

  • Assistance to and back from doctors appointments

Disability Care

Having a loved one with a disability is something nobody is ever prepared for. It maybe your brother, sister, child, or even your parents. Dealing with a loved one with a disability can be life changing, stressful, and overwhelming. Do you feel like you may need a break or even some assistance sometimes? If the answer is YES!, then you have come to the right team. We at Cresthaven understand going through life with a disability can be difficult. We want to make that walk through life a bit simpler. Non-medical in-home care for those with disabilities can be beneficial in several ways. We are able to assist on a path to independent living, active lifestyle, and daily life progression. We know leaving the care of your loved one to someone else can be a hard concept to wrap around, but we want you to understand Your Family Is Our Family and we will give them the quality care they deserve!


  • Meal preparation

  • Medication reminder 

  • Personal care: grooming, personal hygiene, dressing

  • Light house task

  • Companionship      


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